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    Product description

    Every parent knows what it’s like to lose sight of their child. You’re out and about, turn your back, and turn around to find that your kid is nowhere to be found. Seconds feel like hours, and minutes feel like days. Say goodbye to this sickening feeling for good with the Dr.meter Child Anti-Lost Wristbands! These adjustable wristbands attach to your child’s wrist with velcro straps, and the extra-thick steel cord makes sure they’ll stay by your side. The top-of-the-line lock and key design provides an extra level of security— once locked, kid’s won’t be able to remove the wristbands until they have been unlocked by a parent. We’ve also included built-in reflective tape to maximize visibility at night and in dark places. These wrist links are perfect for use in stores, malls, amusement parks, and other crowded places where kids can get lost in the crowd.


    - Material Type: PU + Steel Wire + Velcro, Absorbent Fabric

    - Color: Blue, Orange

    - (Blue) Max Length: 8.2ft (2.5m)

    - (Orange) Max Length: 4.92ft (1.5m)

    - Connector: 360° Swivel Cord

    - Recommended for kids aged 2 and over


    1. The Dr.meter Anti-lost Wristbands are only intended to prevent kids from getting lost. They should not be used for walking practice and do not prevent children from falling.

    2. These wristbands are very flexible. If parents do not follow close behind, the cord may stretch too much and the child may fall.

    3. We suggest that parents put on the wristband before putting on the children. This ensures the child will not run away before they can be properly secured.

    4. These wristbands are not a toy. Children should not wear them unsupervised.

    Package Content

    2 x Child Anti-Lost Wrist Link

    1 x User Manual

    Why Dr.meter :

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    Our warehouse bases on California, US, which means no extra long shipping time.

    Orders usually ships in 2-5 days and the shipping frame is 3-15 days.(USPS /UPS / DHL/ FedEx ).

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    3.Extra year Warranty.

    All products on our website provide an extra year's warranty. 30 Day Money-back Guarantee.