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    Model number:LW-01

    Product Feature

    • 2 Link Lengths: 4.92ft orange link and 8.2ft blue link. The shorter link is perfect for locking hands and for keeping an eye on your little one, while the longer one gives your child the freedom to move about without feeling restricted.
    • Comfortable& Safe: The wrist strap is designed with superior cotton for enhanced breathability, and has high flexibility that makes it suitable for young wearers. Comes with adjustable wrist straps that fit snugly on adults and kids.
    • Double-Layer Velcro On Child Side: The double-layer Velcro makes it hard for kids to remove the wrist strap by themselves, and is designed to be softer and smoother than other links to protect your child's wrist from any discomfort.
    • Superior Toughness: Made with durable and lightweight PU, and the connecting rope is wired with stainless steel that prevent flimsiness and breakage, and is firm enough to withstand daily twisting and pulling.
    • More Freedom: 360-degree rotatable metal connectors and 8.2ft/4.92ft wrist link gives your children the space to play and be themselves, and gives you the peace of mind that your little one is in safe hands.



    Key Features

    360 Degree Rotating Connections

    Not like other sellers, Dr.meter adopts high-quality buckles, supporting 360 degree rotation, in order to keep your kids close without sacrificing their ability to move freely.


    Soft Touch

    High breathable mesh protects kids from sweating. Ultra-soft sponge padding avoids kids' skin getting hurt.

    Sturdy Velcro

    High adhesion, durable for using. Dr.meter adopt unique design-double velcro to protects kids' skin from rubbing, rashes, and any other discomfort, at the same time, kids cannot easily unlock the wrist link.

    Two Lengths & Two Colors

    4.92ft and 8.2ft are available, 4.92ft is more suitable for little kids, parent should keep a close eye on kids. 8.2ft is suitable for your older children, more freedom. Blue and orange, there is always a color you like!