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    Model number:BB-3639

    About the product:
    • 12pcs in 1 Set: Suitable for all the family members, this tool is a baby-friendly one dedicating 3 heads for baby use and other 3 heads for adults. There are supplementary 4 cushioned sandpaper heads for standby application. The electric nail file machine provides a better polishing, and the nail clipper with magnifying glass ensures easier baby nail trimming.
    • Safety First: To guarantee the quality and the safety of this product, it is CE, ROHS, and FCC certified. It also has a 2mm foam pad under the sandpaper of the heads to protect your baby from injuries.
    • Ergonomic Design: Thanks to its sturdy design, 4 operation modes and 360 degree bilateral rotation function, you’ll always be able to hold it well and find the proper angle for better polishing.
    • LED Front Light & Low Noise: Equipped with a LED front light, this baby nail trimmer is efficient and perfect to use when your baby is sleeping. Its efficiency in the dark night is supplemented with a whisper-quiet system to keep your baby asleep.
    • Premium Nail Clipper: This clipper is supplied with a foldable magnifying glass that makes his tiny nails easier to see. We added magnification (4 times) to reduce eye strain and possibilities of hurting your baby.


    Product description

    Cutting your baby's nails can be terrifying for most new parents who are afraid of drawing blood. But forget this fear with this Dr.meter electric baby nail file set because it brings nail trimming to a next level.

    Equipped with 10 sandpaper heads and 1 electric clipper machine, the set is suitable for all ages. It has 4 different operation modes and a 360 degree bilateral rotation function that allow you to find the suitable angle and the strength for better cleaning and polishing.

    It has a LED light to make your baby’s tiny nails easier to see in darkened rooms and it is whisper-quite to not wake him up. 

    Moreover, the nail clipper is accompanied by a foldable magnifying glass to reduce eye strain and possibilities of hurting your baby as well. This handy set makes a great baby gift to settle a new mom’s fear of those dreaded baby nails! Do not hesitate to offer it! 

    For a better result, please do not wet your hands or feet before polishing. 
    Wet the sandpaper heads for a more effective polishing. 
    Clean your hands or feet in warm water then use a hand or feet cream after polishing and trimming. This will be beneficial for your skin and nails. 

    Package Contents: 
    10 × Polishing Head
    1 × Electric Nail File Machine 
    1× Nail Clipper
    1× Package Box