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    Have an electrical nightmare on your hands? Dr.meter is here to help!

    This 150 piece solder seal wire connector and heat shrink tubing kit provides everything you need to patch things up in a jiffy. Both the connectors and tubes come in a variety of lengths and diameters, ensuring you always have the perfect piece on hand and ready to go! A few quick minutes is all it takes for proper installation. Use it for automotive, marine, outdoor, and countless other applications. It's great for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Get the job done with Dr.meter!


    1. Full shrinkage temperature:

    110-120 degrees centigrade/ 230-248 Fahrenheit (Heat Shrink Tubing)

    138 degrees centigrade/ 280 Fahrenheit (Solder Seal Wire Connector)

    160 degrees centigrade/ 320 Fahrenheit (Solder Ring)

    2. Make sure the stripped wire is covered by the waterproof hot melt adhesive.