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    Product Feature

    • 【Premium Protectors】:♥ Made of high quality PVC, these corner guards are non-toxic and odorless, making it perfect for safe-proofing your spaces for babies and the elderly. BPA-free and flame-resistant.
    • 【Versatile】:♥ Placing the corner protectors on any corners of your sofa cabinet, coffee table, TV cabinet, bedside, bookshelf and other home furniture. It keeps the furniture looking spotless, and also keeps your walls free from unsightly holes and marks. Comes in both L-shape with Smiley and Ball-shape designs at your disposal.
    • 【No More Worrying】:♥ Especially if you have sprightly young ones who are always running about and getting hit by sharp corners. These caring corners absorb impact and protect your child from painful injuries, bumps and bruises from the sharp corners of your furniture.
    • 【Simple to Use】:♥ The clear corners come with 3M double sided tapes to cover maximum surface area, that makes the adhesive really stick to your furniture, making them difficult for kids to pull and remove. Backup adhesives are provided for convenient use.
    • 【Clean and Fresh Aesthetic】:♥ The clear design of the babyproofing corner guards are definitely pleasant to the eyes, and blend seamlessly with your furniture, maintaining the original look and feel of your furniture.

      Product description

      ♥【Are you constantly worrying about your child getting hurt in your own home? Don't worry, Dr.meter corner guards are the perfect modern solution to baby-proofing all the dangerous sharp edges and corners of your furniture, like those on desks, coffee tables, dining table, countertops, bedside, TV cabinet, or bookshelf etc. Our corner protectors are a necessity for anyone with kids, from new crawlers and up! Durable, clear and soft to the touch, these simple corner protectors are able to absorb impact to help prevent injury. Get these versatile, clear corner bumpers to ease your mind and protect your precious little one from getting injured at home. 】

      ♥Easy to Remove
      1. Place a warm cloth over the corner and allow adhesive to soften. 2. Gently peel back the edges of the corner guards/protectors. 3. Roll away any remaining adhesive, and clean the surface. (Use carefully when removing from painted or stained surfaces.)

      Color: clear
      Material: PVC
      Size: 1.45 x 1.45 x 1.65 inches (L shape); 0.9 x 0.9 x 1.2 inches (round shape) 
      Corner Guards Quantity: 24 pcs (12pcs for each type) 
      Application: home, hospitals, schools, preschool, daycare, working areas, senior housing & facilities, nursery, offices, restaurant and more

      1. Please ensure that the inside of the corner guards and furniture corners are clean and dry before use.
      2. Do not use this on objects with weak or with easily removable finishes. 
      3. This is NOT a toy or teether. To be handled by adults only. 

      ♥Package Contents
      12 x L Shape Corner Guard
      12 x Ball Shape Corner Guard
      14 x Fan Shape Double-sided Adhesive (for L shape corner guards, including 2 backup ones) 
      28 x Rectangle Shape Double-sided Adhesive (for L shape corner guards, including 4 backup ones) 
      42 x Fan Shape Double-sided Adhesive (for ball shape corner guards, including 6 backup ones)