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    Model number:BC-32

    【One Set Does it All】: With a grand total of 32 pieces, the Dr.meter bungee cord hook assortment will take care of all of your needs. Each set includes 2x 40’’ 8mm cords, 2x 32’’ 8mm cords, 4x 8mm cords, 6x 18’’ 8mm cords, 6x 10’’ 4mm mini cords, and 4 canopy ties, 4 stainless steel hooks, and 2 tarp clips. We’ve also included a bonus storage bag and a carrying net to keep you nice and organized.

     【Certified Strength】: Good news— these cords have passed rigorous testing with flying colors! They’re German Technical Safety Standard certified and are approved for both military and industrial use. If they’re tough enough for the front lines, they’ll be tough enough for everyday use.

     【Maximum Toughness】: These cords blow the competition out of the water. Thanks to the cross-woven latex and rubber design, they’re twice as strong as other bungee cords on the market. Solid metal core hooks and a protective UV coating make the Dr.meter bungee cords ideal for outdoor use.

     【Anti-Scratch Steel Hooks】: Say goodbye to scratches and scrapes forever. The 4mm steel hooks are housed in a solid plastic coating that protects your things from scratches and maximizes durability.

     【Indoor and Outdoor Use】: These bungee cords are perfect for both at home and on-the-go use. Whether you’re packing for a road trip, going camping, or just need some extra help storing your things, the Dr.meter bungee cord set will come to your rescue.

    Product Description

    Dr.meter 32PC Extreme Heavy Duty Bungee Cord Set with Steel Plastic Coated Reinforced S Hooks

    Don’t waste money on multiple sets of bungee ropes – you’ll get everything you need at Dr.meter. This 32 pcs bungee cord hook assortment includes various lengths and thickness of cords, and other gadgets such as canopy ties, stainless steel cords, tarp clips and a carrying net. They are just well enough to meet all your travel, yard work, cargo, camping, storage and more needs whether you use them at home or yard, in the car, truck, minivan or on bike, motorcycle. Made of premium materials, their durability and sturdiness are never your concern, they are produced for life time use, you’ll be shocked about their long serving time.

    Package Contents:
    6 × 18’’× 8mm Orange Bungee Cord
    4 × 24’’× 8mm Red Bungee Cord
    2 × 32’’× 8mm Yellow Bungee Cord
    2 × 40’’× 8mm Blue Bungee Cord
    6 × 10’’× 4mm Black Mini Cord
    4 × Black Canopy Tie
    4 × Red Stainless Steel Hook
    2 × Tarp Clip
    1 × Luggage Net
    1 × Storage Bag

     Solid Hook 
    Hard bond plastic coating and 4mm steel core make it as hard as stone and durable.

    Super Elasticity
    Too much stuff? Each of our bungee cord has outstanding elasticity that can expand to 50% of its length making it ideal to meet your requests.


    Wide Application
    Whether you do DIY jobs around home, secure your camping gear to your roof rack, or hold down tarps when camping, securely stow travel and household items, they are the role of such games.

    32pcs in 1 Set:
    6 × 18’’ × 8mm Orange Bungee Cord
    4 × 24’’ × 8mm Red Bungee Cord
    2 × 32’’ × 8mm Yellow Bungee Cord
    2 × 40’’ × 8mm Blue Bungee Cord
    6 × 10’’ × 4mm Black Mini Cord
    4 × Black Canopy Tie
    4 × Red Stainless Steel Hook
    2 × Tarp Clip
    1 × Luggage Net
    1 × Storage Bag