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    • A Fast Heat-Up Time Saver: Equipped with a ceramic core, the steamer needs 60 seconds to heat up and provides 6-8 minutes of continuous steaming. No more time waste in tiring ironing, this steamer makes your clothes wrinkle-free in only a couple of minutes!
    • Premium Stainless Steel Nozzle: The 9-hole design on the nozzle helps getting sufficient amount of steam needed. The smooth stainless steel surface wont scorch your clothes when you are ironing. To wipe off all the dusk on your clothes, you have to install the extra provided brush on the nozzle.
    • 2.4m Long Power Cord: We have lengthened the power cord to bring much more convenience to you. The 2.4m long power cord provides the accessibility of the plug no matter how far the plug is!
    • Safety Protection: This garment steamer has a lifesaving option! It automatically shuts down when the unit is overheated and it keeps the temperature constant when the tank runs out of water!
    • Easy to Carry: This garment steamer has a compact design and a light weight that allow you to carry it and store it anywhere with ease.


    Product description

    Elechomes Handheld Garment Steamer
    The Elechomes handheld garment steamer is the doctor for your wrinkled clothes! It is a satisfying product in many ways. First, its compact and light weighted design brings you convenience to carry it with you on holidays or business trips.
    Second, it has a fast heating feature, the steamer needs 60 seconds to heat up and provides 6-8 minutes of continuous steaming to remove wrinkles, dust, and bacteria that are left on the fabric after washing and storing.
    Third, it is suitable for almost all kind of fabric including delicate or rougher fabric like silk-like rayon, heavy denim.
    Finally, for more convenience, the 2.4m long power cord allows you to use the steamer even if you are far from the plug! Isnt it a practical and wonderful accessary for your life? So spoil yourself or your beloved ones with this product!


    1.Please use pure cold water that do not add detergent or perfume, or the water will spew out
    2.Do not turn the item upside down and keep it at a 45-degree angle especially when it is working.
    3.Do not tilt it down sharply, just keep it upright and move it slowly up and down when ironing.
    4.Usually it takes about 1 minute to heat up. During this time the steam is weak, youd better start ironing after that.

    - Material: ABS + PC + Stainless Steel
    - Working Voltage: 110V/60Hz
    - Power: 600W
    - Water Capacity: 100ml
    - Color: Light blue
    - Weight: 930g

    Package Contents:
    1xGarment Steamer
    1xUser Manual
    1 x Warranty Card