Model number: PH100-V


Product description

Dr.meter - Ultimate Measure for Accuracy The Dr.Meter pH-100 is a handheld, accurate pH meter that measures pH value of water or solution. It has been widely used in the realm of hydroponics, education, water treatment, and swimming pools. This meter has ATC(automatic temperature compensation) for accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures.


Measuring range: 0-14 pH

Resolution: 0.01

Batteries: 4x 1.5V LR44 button cell (AG13)

Working temperature: 0-50°C (32-122°F)

Weight: 88g

Package includes:

1 x pH Meter

1 x Carrying case

6 x Calibration packet

1 x User manual

1 x Warranty card

4 x button cell

1 x Warranty card


How to Measure pH Value

1.Remove the protective cap from the handheld pH meter. Rinse the electrode with distilled water and let it dry.

2.Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the unit. Dip the electrode in the target solution, making sure the whole electrode is submerged.

3. Stir the solution gently and wait for the value to stabilize. The LCD screen will display both the temperature and pH.


How to Calibrate the pH Meter

1. Before calibration, prepare a beaker containing a pH 4.00 solution, a beaker with pH 6.86 solution, and a beaker pH 9.18 solution. Make sure that each solution is 250ml and at a stable temperature of 25¡ãC.

2. Prepare 3 separate beakers with distilled water.

3. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the meter.

4. Remove the cap and immerse the electrode into the PH6.86 buffer solution. Stir gently and wait for the value to stabilize.

5. Press and hold the CAL button for 5 seconds. Hold the electrode into the solution until the LCD screen displays a value of pH 6.86.

6. Rinse the electrode with distilled water and blot dry. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 for the pH 4.00 and pH 9.18 solutions.

 ***Please note if the PH meter you received is wet, it's potassium chloride solutions that protect the vacuole.***