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    Manual  (PDF)

    Wood Moisture Meter

    1.MD918-Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

    2.MD812-Wood Moisture Meter

    Digital Light Meter

    1.LX1010B-Digital Illuminance Meter


    2.LX1330B-Digital Light Meter

    3.LX1332B-Professional LED Light Meter

    Soil Meter

    1.S40P-Soil Meter

    pH Meter

    1.pH100 User Manual -ph Meter (FAQ)

    2.pH838 User Manual

    Power Supply

    1.PS305DM-DC Bench Power Supply

    2. HY3005F-Triple Linear DC Power Supply

    3.PS-3010DF- 30V/10A Bench Power Supply


    1.FS-01-Fishing Scale

    2.ES-PS01-Fishing Scale

    3.PS02-Luggage Scale


    7.IR60 -Infrared Thermometer, IR-60, Dr.meter

    Please feel free to download by clicking the link. Any questions, please don't hesitate to Email our Customer support: support@drmeter.com

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