Dr.meter Kids Ear Muffs-a safe design tailored for smaller ears, super safety and comfort

Especially sized and designed for babies and children. With a heavily adjustable padded headband and ear pads

and a low clamping force for comfort, and with NRR 27 hearing protection, our Dr.meter ear muffs are an excellent

choice for protecting your child in a wide range of noisy events and situations Ideal for sleeping, studying, Shooting

Loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss and even accelerate the process of becoming deaf. Noise levels above 125 decibels for even short periods of time, can cause permanent hearing loss. When exposed to these decibels for longer periods of time the effects are even worse. Our Dr. Meter high Noise Reduction Rating (27NRR) Earmuffs are one of the best ways to protect your hearing from damage, especially perfect for kids.


27NRR noise reduction ability

Adjustable headband fits for all head sizes

 360 swivel earmuff cup

 PU leather ear cushion padded with soft foam

 Release noise pressure, recover a peaceful world

 Maintenance and Clean

Package Included:

1 X Dr.meter Kids Protective Earmuff

1 X English Manual