Main Features:

  • ▶ 【Versatile Application】Now you can expect a handy, powerful electric air pump that can not only inflate swimming rings, floats, balloons, and other inflatables in no time flat but also quickly evacuate your vacuum storage bags to save more space by using together with M + suction nozzles on the bottom outlet!
  • ▶ 【High Efficiency Inflation】Designed with up to 1000L/min airflow and 14KPa high pressure, the quick-fill air inflator allows you to rapidly inflate your objects by reducing 95% time than laborious manual blowing. Less time waiting and more time enjoying.
  • ▶ 【One-Press Mode Conversion】Looking for a safer and faster way to inflate hundreds of balloons in a few minutes? You definitely need the BP1 balloon bump! Just switch to balloon mode (semi-auto inflation mode) through the Mode/Switch, then you can press down the nozzle for rapid inflation while releasing it to stop inflation
  • ▶ 【Wide Suction Outlet】You may be restless or extremely tired trying to seal storage bags with a manual pump. The electric air deflator enables you to remove all excess air out of vacuum storage bags, swimming rings, floats etc. by installing M and suction nozzles on the bottom outlet, therefore they will be as small/tight as possible to be ready to store in your closet or suitcase.
  • ▶ 【Multiple Accessories Included】Not mentioned the S/M/L nozzles, balloon nozzle, and suction nozzle, the air blower even comes with a balloon tying tool to help you tie knots easily and quickly, and a balloon strip roll to decorate your occasions with endless possibles!


- Size: 135 x 140 x 85mm

- Max Power: 350W

- Inflation Pressure: 14KPa

- Suction Pressure: -14KPa

- Inflation Air Flow: 600L/min (M Nozzle)

- Working Temp: -10~-60Celsius/14~140Fahrenheit

- Continuous Working Period: 15 minutes

Easy to Use

With 5 different nozzles, Dr.meter BP1 quick-fill air pump covers nearly all your daily needs of both inflation and deflation. The balloon nozzle is specially designed for blowing balloons, the M and suction nozzles are best for vacuating vacuum storage bags, and the S/M/L nozzle is optional for inflatables in various sizes and shapes.

Besides, the tying tool provided makes tying balloon knots faster and more easily, and the strip roll allows more decoration possibilities.

air balloob pump



  • 1. DO NOT use it to inflate high-pressure products like tyres, basketball, football, or rugby.
  • 2. DO NOT use the pump continuously more than 15 minutes, otherwise, it may power off automatically
  • 3. Do not block the air intake, inflation/suction outlet during use to ensure smooth air flow.
  • 4. Don't go away while the pump is working.
  • 5. Please check the product before each use. Stop use immediately if any abnormal condition occurs.