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  • ▶ 【Professional Accuracy】Get the right data, every time. You can rely on the Dr.meter digital PH meter to give you quick and accurate solution tests. Thanks to the highly sensitive electrode and low-impedance glass film, it reacts to hydrogen ions in the solution for quick, correct results.
  • ▶ 【Automatic Calibration】 We make your job faster and easier than ever with this convenient PH tester! With the 3-point calibration procedures, your PH testing device will automatically identify the calibration solutions to give you your reading in a snap.
  • ▶ 【Automatic Temperature Compensation】 Temperature can affect reading levels, and you need automatic temperature compensation to ensure that you're getting the best possible reading. Unlike other PH meters that only have a range of 0-50 degrees, ours has an even better range of 0-70 degrees, so you can test with confidence in any environment.
  • ▶ 【Clear Digital Display with Alerts】 Tired of squinting at a small screen to get your readings? Enjoy this PH meter's large, backlit LCD screen that displays the information in an intuitive layout so you can still see even in low visibility situations. When the PH value is lower than 3.5 or higher than 12.5, the white digital display will change to red to alert you.
  • ▶ 【User Friendly】 You can easily replace the 2 AAA batteries when it's time, and you can also activate the 15-minute auto-off functionality to save battery. Plus, it even comes with a storage case to keep it safe and protected when you're on the go.


    Auto Temperature Compensation
    Dual Color Digital Display
    Auto Calibration
    Temperature Unit Conversion
    IP65 Waterproof
    Backlit LCD Screen

    How to Measure PH Value:

    1. Remove the protective cap from the handheld PH meter. Rinse the electrode with distilled water and let it dry.

    2. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the unit. Dip the electrode in the target solution, making sure the whole electrode is submerged.

    3. Stir the solution gently and wait for the value to stabilize. The LCD screen will display both the temperature and PH.

    How to Calibrate the PH Meter?

    1. Before calibration, prepare 3 beakers separately containing pH4.00 solution, pH6.86 solution, and pH9.18 solution. Make sure that each solution is 250ml and at a stable temperature of 25 degrees.

    2. Prepare 3 separate beakers with distilled water.

    3. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the meter.

    4. Remove the cap and immerse the electrode

    into the PH4.00 buffer solution. Stir gently and wait for the value to stabilize.

    5. Press and hold the CAL button for 5

    seconds. Hold the electrode in the solution until the LCD screen displays a value of pH 4.00.

    6. Rinse the electrode with distilled water and blot dry. Repeat step 4, 5, and 6 for the pH 6.86 and pH 9.18 solutions.


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