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    Main Features 

    【Diverse 136 Piece Set】: Everything you need is here! This deluxe set includes 62 soft lures, 7 crankbaits, 5 metal spinning lures, 25 fishing hooks, 2 frog lures, 1 shrimp lure, 1 bell, and 30 other accessories, which enable you to tackle a wide variety of fish species and water depths.

    【Deluxe Fishing Kit】: Whatever your fishing needs are, you can handle them with the array of lifelike crankbaits, soft lures, metal spinning lures, frog lures, spinnerbaits, shrimp lures, hooks, fishing rod bells and more perfect for fishing in the sea, rivers and lakes.

    【Multiple Fishing Rigs】: If you need specific performance based on the environment you're in, make sure you have the correct fishing rig. You're all set with this kit which includes a Texas rig, Jig Head, No Sinker, Wacky Style and Swimbaits, etc. through free parts assembly.

    【Vibrant and Lifelike】: You'll hook more catches than ever with the super lifelike crankbaits which have 3d features, such as realistic-looking eyes and paint. These soft plastic lures are made in various shapes sizes and colors, so you have a range of options to go with your different fishing techniques. What's more, the shiny, spinning metal lures perform in a variety of underwater conditions to make the fish strike more often so you're guaranteed to get the catch you want!

    【Detachable Tackle Box Included】: Made to weather countless fishing trips, the premium plastic, the 2-layer tackle box is made with detachable grids so you can store and organize lures, hooks, sinkers, swivels and more for quick access. Dust-proof, portable and shatter-resistant, it makes a great gift for a father, son, husband, boyfriend or for yourself!


    Other Features:

    Texas Rig

    The Texas rig usually uses soft lures, which cost less than crankbaits while still getting just as good performance. Rigs are stable, have good balance, natural swimming movements and work great in places with underwater obstacles like bushes, rocks, or muddy areas.

    fishing lures

    fishing lures

    fishing lures

    fishing lures

    Lifelike Appearance

    Even you might be fooled by these assorted fish baits, which wiggle like real fish and look like them too! Cut your waiting time by up to 50% and use these over and over again without having to use real fish.

    Realistic 3D Eyes

    You deserve the best fishing kit, which is why these lures are crafted with highly realistic, 3d eyes as well as painted accurately to fool fish into taking the bait! Assorted types are made for all species and sizes of fish you may be going after.

    Vivid Coatings

    Everyone knows that vibrantly colored fishing lures get more catches. To make sure you have the best chance of success, these baits and lures are coated with powerful and non-fade colors that will last for years to come.

    Sharp Treble Hooks

    You need a sharp hook to do the job well so your catch doesn't swim away. Our super-sharp treble hooks are rust-proof, stable and durable. Once they've bit, fish won't be able to escape, and you can reel them in knowing they'll stay put. Note: Be careful when removing the fish from the treble hooks to avoid finger injuries.


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    All products from our website provide an extra year warranty. 30 Day Money-back Guarantee.