Product Feature

  • Extreme Versatility: Keep small metal parts within arm¡¯s reach! Nails, screws, bits, nuts, bolts, sewing needles, and other metal parts will stick to the powerful magnets and stay right where you need them. The wristbands are perfect for home improvement, auto repair, carpentry, DIY projects, and anywhere else you could use a helping hand.
  • Breathable and Long-lasting: Thanks to their 100% 168D ballistic polyester, the Dr. Meter Magnetic Wristbands can tackle years of wear, tear, and abuse. Better yet, the cotton mesh padding wicks moisture and keeps you comfortable.
  • 2 Piece Set: Two is better than one. That¡¯s why we¡¯ve included two different sizes! The large band is armed with 15 magnets, and the small band includes 4. They¡¯re adjustable, powerful, and can be worn simultaneously.
  • Pouches for Added Convenience: Need to keep some things handy? Two small patches will get the job done. Use these added pocket to hold plastic nails, cable ties, and other non-metal items.
  • Mechanics, Hobbyists, and More: Got a handyman in your life? The Magnetic wristbands are the perfect gift for mechanics, hobbyists, electricians, engineers, tailors, and the person who has everything.

Product Description


The Dr.meter Magnetic Wristbands are built to last. Premium 168D ballistic polyester withstands wear and tear, and the mesh padding is breathable, anti-moisture, and odor-resistant.

Powerful Magnets Keep Small Accessories at Hand:

Gone are the days of digging through your toolbox for the part you need. Thanks to their powerful magnets, these wristbands will keep screws, nails, washers, drill bits, and more right where you need them! Need more storage? Dual pouches are the perfect place to hold non-metal parts.

Two Sizes for Versatile Wear:

No two wrists are created equal-that's why we have included two magnetic wristbands! The large band is great for bigger wrists or bigger parts, and the small band is great for smaller wrists or small parts. Need more wiggle room? Built-in elastic bands provide extra stretch. The wristbands will flex as your wrists move and can expand to fit your arm! The bands a must-have for home improvement, auto repair, construction, DIY projects, tailoring and sewing, and much more!


Material: polyester + cotton + magnet

Size: 2.8*10.6 inches (small); 3.5*18.9 inches (large)

Color: black

Holding Capacity: 1kg / 2.2lb

Unisex (both men and women)

Package Contents:

2 x Magnetic Wristband