Product Features

 Model Number:PS-3010DF

  • [High Precision, Wide Range] The DC power supply is a professional power regulation device designed with crystal clear, backlit 4-digit LED display of voltage, current, and power. Precise accuracy: 00.01V and 0.001A. You can easily tune it within 0-30V and 0-10A.
  • [5V/2A Output & Auto Power Calculation] Run out of power? Now you can charge your phone, repair phones and more through the 5V/2A USB interface. Moreover, this device intelligently calculates output voltage and current into power and displays the value on its large screen.
  • [Excellent Heat Dissipation] Equipped with a big fan controlled by intelligent temperature control sensor and multiple heat radiation grooves on both sides, Dr.meter 30V/10A power supply can quickly disperse heat during operation, greatly improving its working efficiency and lifespan!
  • [Safe and Reliable to Use] Safety is our priority. You can not expect more for safe, productive work since the power supply comes with grounding terminal and multiple protection of over current, over heat, and over voltage.
  • [User-Friendly] Frustrated by bulky devices? This one weighs less than 2kg and measures only 285 x 128 x 145mm, perfect to be taken for laboratory, electronics, communication equipment maintenance, product line, scientific research, teaching units, and other requirements thanks to complete test probes and output cable with alligator clips.


    Dr.meter 30V/10A power supply is a DC regulated power supply with continuously adjustable output voltage and current, 4-digit LED display of output voltage, current, and power, and also 5V/2A USB interface. Featuring compact size, moderate weight, and high efficiency, this device can withstand long-term operation under full power conditions and has rather low failure possibilities after continuous operations.

    Built with over-temperature, overload, current-limiting protections, you can use it confidently in science researching, colleges, factories and more.

    Technical Parameters

    - Input Voltage: 220V +/-10%@50Hz or 110V+/-10%@60Hz (can be manually switched)

    - Working Conditions: -10 degree celsius ~ 40 degree celsius, <80% relative humidity

    - Storage conditions: -20 degree celsius ~ 80 degree celsius, <70% relative humidity

    - Power Supply Effect: CV<=0.2%+10mV, CC<=0.2%+10mA

    - Load Effect: CV<=0.2%+5mV, CC<=0.2%+10mV

    - Ripple and Noise: CV<=20mV r.m.s., CC<=20mA r.m.s.

    - Display Accuracy: 4-digit LED display with accuracy of +/-0.2% +/-1 digit