Main Features

[Multi-channel & Long-Distance Operation] Keep your signals clear and strong by choosing from a wide range of channels (US 22 channels, EU 8 channels and 121 infra-acoustic channels). Dense surroundings and obstacles are no match for the Dr. Meter Walkie Talkie, thanks to the 3 miles of range possible in open spaces.

[Voice Control & Reliable Sound] Hands-free controls allow you to activate simple commands without even having to touch the device. Plus, skim over bad signals and choppy sound with the dual channels function, which enables you to interact with specific people at a higher audio quality.

[Customizable Ringtones & High Squelch Level] Know who's ringing every time! Everyone can have their own custom sounds thanks to 10 included ring-tones, and once you're talking, keep the sound clear and audible with the impressive squelch level of 6 on this walkie-talkie!

[Key Lock & Extended Battery Life Option] Keep curious fingers at bay with the key lock function so your kids don't make any accidental calls. Always keep in contact with the extended battery life function so you're not stranded and alone!

[Bonus Hand Strap] Keep your adventure safe and your sound at your side. The bonus included hand strap makes sure you'll never drop or lose your walkie talkie again. Take it biking, camping, rafting, climbing or off-roading!

How to Operate Channels Setting

1.Press the Power/Menu button and the channel number on the screen will flash.

2.Press the Up or Down button to select the desired channel and confirm the settings with PTT button.
Infra-acoustic Setting

1.Double press the Menu button and the infra-acoustic channel number on the screen will flash.

2.Press the Up or Down button to choose required infra-acoustic channel, and press the PTT button on the left side to confirm.

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