Main Features:

▶【Multiple Uses & Simple Operation】Need to inflate something around the house? If you have basketballs, floaties, air mattresses, balloons, bike or car tires that need fast inflation, the Multi-purpose Air Pump is exactly what you need to get the job done. Just push the button and start inflating!
▶【Presetting & Auto-off Function】Not knowing if you're under or overinflating your tires can make the process hit-or-miss. Thankfully, you can rely on the Air Compressor's intelligent chip which automatically monitors the pressure and shuts off at the desired amount. Stay safe in your car, on your bike and get that air mattress inflated just right!
▶【Efficient, Cordless Operation】Wow, no need to trip over cords or roll them back up when it's over or be stuck 1 foot too short from the outlet! Powered by 2000mAh batteries, 120W power, for a 150PSI/10BAR maximum pressure, it inflates fast and efficiently to get you going sooner.
▶【More Durable】Built to withstand camping trips, outdoor adventures or routine service at home! Made with a high-quality metal cylinder and all-copper motor, this air compressor's service life will outlast the competition. It's not just tough, it's intelligent, too! This pump will automatically disconnect if the air pressure is too low or unloaded, which protects the motor and the cylinder.
▶【Portable & Easy to Use】Time for a vacation? The Cordless Tire Pump will be ready to help you out at every step of the way, from inflating your car tires, to the air mattress, to the floaties once you're at the beach. Talk about an MVP! Constructed to be portable and compact, it doesn't take up a lot of space and even comes with a handy storage bag. Built-in LED makes it easier to inflate at night.

Other Features:

Need to inflate your car or bike tires, inflatable rafts, air mattresses or sporting equipment?

Look no further than the Dr.meter Tire Pump, which provides quick inflation whenever you need it!

Itching to get going?

You won't wait for long because this air compressor is loaded with 120W power and 150PSI/10BAR maximum pressure.

Forget about getting twisted in cords or looking for the nearest outlet because the 2000mAh batteries provide plenty of cordless power for the job. Got different-sized holes to inflate? No problem! This lifesaver of a pump comes with a variety of nozzles to meet your needs.

To get just the right amount of air, pre-set the pressure, then turn the pump on and it will automatically turn off once the desired pressure is reached! Engineered with durability in mind, you can rest assured it will last through all those camping trips and other adventures you bring it on.

Wherever you're going, the compact size and included travel bag make it a no-brainer to bring on your next getaway. From travelers, campers, pool-lovers and more, everyone will get plenty of use out of the Dr.meter Tire Inflator.

Get pumping, then get going!


Dr.meter Cordless Tire Inflator