Main Features:

  • ▶ 【3 in 1 Laser Level】 Ever wanted to make your workmanship more precise but lacked a laser level? It's time to take things to the next level with the 3-in-1 Dr.meter Laser Level. Built with 3 different laser lines, the vertical, horizontal and cross line lasers make any project a breeze. Get more precise results with installing lighting fixtures, cutting wood, hanging pictures, to wall or floor tiling-precision is finally within reach.
  • ▶ 【Bright Laser Beam】For success in the most varied working conditions, this precise and powerful laser level uses a Germany LD light source, and gives you maximum red laser brightness up to 15m. Plus, adjust the brightness on 10 different levels to suit your needs.
  • ▶ 【Convenient, User-friendly& Self-Leveling】 There are plenty of times when you're not on a level surface. Not to worry! Thanks to the built-in, super-precise gyroscope, this level can self-level up to 4 degree automatically! What's more, there's even a built-in stand hole attachment which fits on most of the laser level tripods you can find.
  • ▶ 【Durable & Adjustable】You know it's built to last. Why? Construction of this level uses premium ABS plastic, and along with the IP54 waterproofing rating, you know it will work fine in the outdoors, no problem. Finally, the adjustable beam brightness also helps conserve battery power so it lasts longer in the field.
  • ▶ 【Bonus Magnetic Base & Storage Bag】If you're trying to measure on uneven ground, there's one more tool that will come in handy. The magnetic base helps you adjust the position of the laser on the ground for maximum accuracy. As a bonus, it even comes with a high-quality EVA storage bag so you can bring the level on the road and keep it in great working condition.

    Product Type: Indoor usage

    Product Model: T07

    Measuring Range: max 50ft

    Function: Horizontal/Vertical/Cross-Line

    Features: 10 Modes brightness dimmable

    From casual DIYers to serious construction workers, there’s no better way to get the measuring precision you need than the Dr.meter laser level. Use it for projects such as paving tiles, installing photos, doors, windows, hanging wallpaper, or even larger construction projects around your property.

    Accurate leveling is a must-have starting point for your level, which is why the advanced LD lighting source and self-leveling capability is so handy. Plus, thanks to the 3 different laser beams that cover vertical, horizontal and cross-line directions, the red laser beam (up to 15m) and green laser beam (30m) will always give you great performance. Use it on any flat surface within 4° of horizontal/vertical. What a great time-saver! Get accurate and get going, with the precision Laser Level from Dr.meter!

    3 Different Laser Lines

    For a reliable laser light in a variety of working conditions, the Dr.meter Laser Level provides horizontal, vertical and cross lines.

    Rotates 360°

    Whichever way you need to point it, the laser can be directed 360 degrees for the most precise alignment possible.


    No more guessing whether the floor you’re standing on is actually level. If the surface’s incline is ≤ 4 °, it can self-level, otherwise, it will flash until you’re level.

    10 Brightness Levels

    Whatever brightness you require inside or out, the 10 different levels provide guidance in a wide variety of brightness situations. Just press the brightness +/- button to increase or decrease brightness.

    Lock Mode

    If you need the self-leveling function turned off, you can do so, which allows the vertical laser to align with any angle.

    Unlocked Mode

    When in unlocked mode, the self-leveling feature is activated, and if the tilt angle is ≤ 4 °, the laser level will self-level.

    Compact & Portable

    Ready to go to the jobsite or store the level? Just stick it in the included, handy EVA bag and you can keep it safe, clean and functional for years to come!