Main Features:
❤ 【Concealed Installation, Free of Drilling】Once install the baby proofing magnetic cabinet lock inside a cabinet or drawer, it won't be noticed by kids or guests from outside and affect the furniture appearance. Owing to the 3M adhesive tape installation, it's no need for screws and drilling holes on the furniture.
❤ 【Super Strong Adhesion】With curious baby to explore your home? Now even the persistent baby can't open the cupboard or drawer anymore because it will be locked stably by the childproof cabinet lock with strong 3M double-sided tapes! Extra 12 tapes are offered for convenient replacement.
❤ 【Wide Magnetic Range】The extra-strong magnets work great through 4cm/1.58in thick wood drawer, wardrobe, wine cabinet, bedroom cabinet, and more (except metal furniture, it'll invalid the magnets).
❤ 【All-round Protection】Including 12 sets of locks and catchers, and 2 keys, the child safety magnetic lock system can be mounted on multiple furniture, safeguarding your baby from lurking dangers from pills, cutters, lighters, and the like stored inside!
❤ 【Easy Installation in Minutes】Forget about drilling holes to install these adhesive magnet drawer locks. The set especially includes an installation cradle to help you install within a few minutes, greatly saving your precious time. You can even set the Unlock/Lock switch to disengage the lock when kids aren't present.

Other Features:

2 Installation Ways
With 12pcs 3M adhesive tapes and 48 screws, you can mount the magnetic locks on any desired position inside the furniture. The 3M adhesive tapes are for the non-destructive way and the screws are for a permanent way.

Easy Location
Forget which position you install the lock when time passes by? It doesn't matter. The 12 cute stickers are provided to help you identify the position of the baby proofing lock mounted easily.

Free to Shift between 2 Modes

In Lock mode, the magnetic baby safety lock is to keep your curious little kids away from drawers and cupboards filled with dangerous tools. However, you can set the switch to the Unlock position to disengage the lock when your kids aren't present.

Baby Proofing Magnetic Cabinet Locks