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  • 【Tough & Anti-corrosive】Get a pair of fishing pliers that will last you a lifetime! You can always count on the Dr.meter fishing pliers, which are crafted from aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum and stainless steel for great corrosion and oxidation resistance. Remove hooks, cut lines and more with ease!
  • 【Tungsten Carbide Cutters】Why waste time wrangling through fishing lines with dull cutters when you can slice through like butter? Fully replaceable, these tungsten carbide cutters are extremely sharp so you can snip through tough braided fishing lines, heavy mono leaders, fly lines and backing lines.
  • 【Lightweight & Ergonomically Designed】The precise, machine-cut handles are comfortable to use in any scenario. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, they're lightweight to keep the weight of your gear down.
  • 【Spring-Loaded Pliers】If you've got one hand busy and need to be able to use the pliers with one hand, you're in luck! These spring-loaded pliers have titanium-coated stainless steel jaws with a ring-splitting tip for even more versatility.
  • 【Never Lose Your Tool】It can be a real bummer if you drop your tool right in the middle of things! Thankfully you can rely on the coiled lanyard and sturdy nylon to keep your tool right at your side. No more dropping into the water or mud!


    Product Description:

    Safe, Quick Hook Removal

    Remove hooks quickly and easily thanks to the titanium-coated stainless steel, which are tough on fishing hooks but easy on your hands!

    Sharp Line Cutters

    Whatever kind of fishing line you're trying to cut through, the tungsten carbide cutters are sharp enough to handle braided fishing lines, the heaviest mono leaders, fly lines and backing lines.

    Included Lanyard and Sheath

    No more losing your pliers! You can use the coiled lanyard with it¡¯s handy nylon sheath to keep your pliers attached to your body so they can¡¯t be lost, no matter what!

    Lightweight and Portable

    Keep your gear light so you can enjoy your time fishing and not worry about breaking your back! These Dr. Meter fishing pliers are super-light and portable, a must-have on any type of fishing trip!