Main Features:

  • Premium Metal Pole: Made of premium aluminum alloy with paint finish, the two-section pole is wear-resistant, and won’t bend or break after years of use even under a heavy burden.
  • Rubber Coated Mesh: The rubber-coated mesh keeps this fishing landing net away from waterlogging and odor absorption through quick draining. In addition, it effectively avoids entangling with fishhooks and hurting the fish, perfect for catch and release in saltwater, freshwater, boating fishing, etc.
  • Robust Folding Connector: Compared with those similar ones with a plastic connector, the fishing net comes with a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy connector which helps to fold the net easily and can bear up to 4kg. No crack, deform or break at all!
  • Anti-skid Grip: Have you ever dropped the landing net and/or fish? Nevermore. Dr.meter designed the FN-100 fishing net with an anti-skid PVC grip to allow you to catch the fish safely and stably.
  • Easily Packable: Thanks to the telescopic pole and foldable tuck net, the fishing landing net can be easily folded down into a manageable size with little fuss for easy storage in a fishing box or trunk for portable use.


fishing net


Composed of two-section of aluminum alloy pole and a triangle tuck net, the fishing landing net can be extended or retracted to your desired length (Max. overall length: 100cm/39.37”). Rotate the rotary clutch counterclockwise, and you can extend the pole to a specific length. Clockwise rotate the clutch to lock the length. After that, the Dr.meter fishing net is ready to go! It’s suitable for both adults and kids to catch fish in the fishing boat, sea, river, stream, or other waters conveniently. Due to its rubber-coated nylon net, it is waterproof and odor-free by draining water quickly, and won’t entangle with the fishhooks, gain extra weight (except the fish), and harm the fish!


Rubber Coated Tuck Net

Made of 8mm rubber-coated nylon mesh, the tuck net is waterproof, snag-resistant, and fish friendly. It drains water quickly and doesn’t gain weight after being soaked in the water.

Foldable Fishing Net

The collapsible pole can be folded down and so does the tuck net. It saves your space to store it and also is great for convenient use in the sea, pond, river, stream, etc.

Non-slip PVC Grip

Never worry about accidentally dropping the net and/or fish due to wet hands or wet grip! The specially designed non-slip structure allows you to catch the fish more safely and stably than before.