Main Features:

  • 【Professionally Certified】: Get ear protection that the science stands behind. With ANSI S3. 19 & CE en352-1 approval, these earmuffs also meet European and US standards for noise reduction you can trust while you're at work or play.
  • 【Optimum Soundproofing】: Keep the noise out and get quiet on your terms! Built with 2 robust layers of professional noise dampening foam, tightly-sealed material and a premium quality double shell, the Dr.Meter Ear Muffs provide a high SNR-up to 28dB. Better noise reduction and noise resonance-they beat earplugs any day!
  • 【Soft Ear Cushions】: Hours of wearing ear protection can hurt, which is why we've provided you with a high-density sponge padding and imitation leather for greater comfort throughout the day.
  • 【Fits All Sizes】: Sizing won't be an issue for you, no matter your head size or hairdo! Made with an adjustable steel band, the headpiece extends or contracts and flexes to accommodate all head sizes and shapes.
  • 【Pack & Go Storage Bag】: Keep everything clean and organized thanks to the foldable design and included storage bag. Great for vacations, business travel, construction sites or loud sporting events.


drmeter earmuffs


What's the best way to protect your hearing for the long-term? Wear proper hearing protection! And when we say 'proper', we mean the Dr.meter Soundproof Earmuffs, which are rated to keep out harmful levels of noise from your ears. Anything from shooting, hunting, construction sites, loud machinery, concerts and more can potentially cause hearing loss. Not only is your hearing spared, but your ears will stay comfortable all day long thanks to the super cushioned ear pads, designed for long hours. Extendable headband makes it a perfect fit for all head types, hairdos and sizes. Get the peace, quiet and hearing protection you need with Dr.Meter!