Main Features:


  • 【Excellent Water Resistance】: Sealed from water with both a waterproof gluing technique and an interior high density, water-resistant sealing ring, the digital hanging scale is the ultimate scale for the outdoors and fishing.
  • 【Larger Hook and Handle】: Save energy by using this electronic fishing scale, which has a larger grip and hook, allowing for faster hooking and weighing. Besides, the grip comes with anti-slip design to ensure you gripping much more steadily.
  • 【Memory Storage and Numeric Comparison】: From small catches to the largest, weigh up to 50kg/110lb with an error of ¡À2%. Remembering up to 9 of the latest weights, the portable weighing scale tells you the max value amongst them and you can even add all of them up together by pushing just one button.
  • 【Auto Summation】: Doing math on the go can be tricky, especially when you don¡¯t have pen and paper or a calculator on hand. Forget about that, this handy weighing tool lets you sum up the 9 most recent weights immediately.
  • 【Bonus Screwdriver, Measuring Tape and Pouch】: This isn¡¯t just a weighing tool. It even comes with a screwdriver to help remove or secure the battery door, the velvet pouch makes it simpler to store the scale safely when not in use, and the built-in 1m tape measures the length of your fish!

    Other Features:

    IPX7 Water-resistant

    Withstand any water splashes thanks to the high-density water-resistant sealing ring and waterproof gluing.

    Data Storage and Summation

    Remembering the last 9 readings, the electronic fishing scale can add all of them up or you can look through the readings individually.

    Larger Handle and Hook

    Sits in your hand more comfortably and sturdily due to the wider handle and larger hook. Hook the object faster for speedier weighing.

    More Useful, Better Experience

    It's more than a scale! Pull out the hidden tape to get readings of objects less than 1m in cm, inches and ft. This kit even includes a screwdriver and a velvet pouch for your convenience.