Product Feature

1.Compact & Portable:Have you been sticking your finger in the soil hoping to feel when it's time to water? Why not eliminate the guesswork and keep your hands clean when you use the Dr.meter Soil Moisture Sensor Meter! Know the right time to water your garden, farm, lawn and plants, anytime.
2.Easy to Read: No experience required--while this machine is sophisticated, it's not complicated! With an interface using ten scales and a color-coded reading system from red, green to blue, it's never been more straightforward reading your soil moisture.
3.No Batteries Required: Who needs batteries or electricity? Just plug stick it into the ground and get a reading in no time!
4. Gentle to Plant Roots: Keep roots intact when you do readings thanks to the single probe design. You won't have to dig up too much soil or disturb sensitive roots when you take readings so your plants can stay perfectly healthy.
5. Helpful Tips: The Dr.meter Soil Moisture Sensor Meter is designed only for soil testing and should not be used in liquids. Keep it away from rocks and extremely hard soil to avoid damaging it. Make sure to clean the probe after each use.

Product description

Color:Moisture Sensor Meter

Dr.meter Indoor/Outdoor Moisture Meter reads moisture levels in gardens, lawn, land
- Use the Moisture Meter to easily check on the condition of your plants. The meter will quickly tell weather your plant is doing well; dry and needs water or wet and could use a day to dry out. You will never over/under water your plants again.

Easy to Use
Save water and save money. The Moisture Meter has an eight inch metal stem that penetrates to root level. No batteries or electricity required.

For any plant
The instructions and watering tips are printed on the back of the included pamphlet. The Moisture Meter will do great in any soil situation. It will accurately display your moisture levels. Find out what moisture your plant needs and keep the level constant for a healthy, long lasting plant.

Ten Range
-Range 1-3: Dry to slighty moist, for plants such as Cactus, thick leaved plant
-Range 4-7: Slightly moist to moist, right for most plants, such as Begonia, Cyclamen, Euphorbia, Ficus, Fuchsia, Philodendron, Geranium, Saintpaulia, Azalea, Adiantum etc.
-Range 8-10 : Very moist, best for Orchid

-Do not put this moisture meter directly against any hard soil ground.
-Do not leave the moisture meter in the soil for a long time.
-To make sure of degree of humidity required by your plants, always consult a specialist.

-Reliable and friendly customer service ready to respond within a 24 hour time frame.
-30-Day Money Back Guarantee
-18 Month Replacement Warranty and Lifetime Support Guarantee

Package Includes
- 1x Dr.meter Moisture Sensor Meter