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    About the product

    • 【Secure Lock Design】Secure when you need it to be but opens with the key in a flash. Use the two included keys to lock and unlock the wrist link at your convenience. Kids can't pull it off or wriggle out of it.
    • 【Sturdy Extended Cord】Rest easy knowing this cord will never break. Coated in abrasive-resistant PU, the thick, extendable wire stretches up to 2.5 meters (8.2 inches), which gives kids just enough freedom for energetic bursts and exploration.
    • 【Breathable Wristband】Prevent uncomfortable chafing and sweating with the super-soft and comfy breathable sponge padding on the wristband, even after hours of wearing.
    • 【Safety Reflective Tape】To add to the safety of the wrist link, it also features reflective tape so that you can see your kids at night, whether it be the amusement park, crowded streets, shopping malls or other places with low light.
    • 【Metal 360 Degree Swivel Clip】 Maintain as much freedom as possible for your child while keeping the bracelet secure. Swivel clip rotates in all directions so the cord won't get twisted up.

    It's a parent's worst nightmare--losing your child in a crowded place and not being able to find them. Wouldn't it give you peace of mind if you had a way to make sure you always knew they were right by your side?

    Thankfully there's a simple and cost-effective solution to your worries.

    --The Child Anti-Lost Wristband is a security bracelet worn by your child and secured by a lock, attached to a cord you can hold onto to safely keep them by your side.

    The wristband is comfortable to wear yet kids won't be able to take it off, either. Made of ultra-tough wire, the cord can't be cut but does feature a 360 Degree Swivel Clip to provide ease of movement at the point where the wire meets the wrist so your child will stay comfortable and the cord won't get tangled. There's even a strip of reflective tape on the wristband for added nighttime safety.

    From busy malls and amusement parks to crowded streets and dangerous roads--Or if you just want to keep a closer eye on your child-the Child Anti-Lost Wristband will always put you at ease.

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